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Megapixel Security Cameras for Marco Island, FL

Our megapixel cameras are available in a variety of resolutions, including high-resolution options that deliver crisp, detailed high-resolution video. Choose from the latest analog, network IP options for Marco Island, FL. Or choose an HD-SDI megapixel camera that is capable of zooming in on video and producing the level of detail needed to provide facial or license plate recognition for forensic inspection and indisputable video-based evidence. Megapixel cameras provide a cost-effective security solution by covering a larger area (compared to a non-megapixel camera) enabling you to use fewer cameras to monitor your location. Need help selecting the best megapixel camera for your location. Call Infinity Gigabyte Technologies today at 877-221-8149 to speak with one of our security experts.



Micro Camera - 1000 TVL, Day/Night Flat Pinhole Lens


Micro Camera - 1000 TVL, Day/Night, Standard Lens


Micro Camera - 1000 TVL, Day/Night Varifocal